Queer Tango Argentino

Abseitz e.V. Stuttgart welcomes all Queer tangueros and Queer tangueras and double role dancers to the first One Day Tango Marathon in Stuttgart. We would like to invite you to join and become part of this special event which will be more than a One Day Marathon. There will be a beginner's class, an advanced class and a whole Milonga until late at night. It will be a party to enjoy great fellowship and a great time with us in Stuttgart. Experienced and popular Tango DJs will play their favorite songs for you!


Concept: We dance Argentine tango without specific role models. Lead and follow as you like to dance. We would like to dissolve traditional gender roles and make gender diversity tangible. In three workshops we will learn basic and advanced steps and techniques. The Grand Finale will be a One Day Queer Tango Marathon, where you can fully immerse into your Tango passion!

The workshops are being taught by Sabine Lakota.
She has been an avid Queer Tango Dancer for over 17 years and is well experienced in teaching Double Role dancers who aim to learn Tango in both positions.
Sabine's travels and Tango Studies in Argentina, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and France greatly added to her experience and teaching style. Occasionally she performs on various cabaret or theatre stages, e.g. several years ago in Stuttgart's legendary Kings Club.

Workshop 1:
11:30 to 13:00
For beginners
Basics for followers and leaders. Learn how to switch between leading and following, and how to enjoy the Argentinia tango feeling.
Single registration possible

Workshop 2 - Fully Booked!
13:30 to 15:00
For advanced tangueros and tangueras and beginners from the previous workshop
Follower learn to dance sensual Ochos that leaders will never forget, and leaders learn to lead diverse Ocho variations so tenderly that followers draw the most beautiful patterns onto the floor - like magic!
Single registration possible

Workshop 3 - Fully Booked!
15:15 to 16:30
For advanced tangueros and tangueras
Planeo lesson. A planeo is a small piece of Tango art, and we learn the basics in leading and following this magnificent routine.
Single registration possible

One Day Queertango Marathon:
17:00 to 01:00
Various DJs play their favourite tracks with different themes for you. The repertoire ranges from traditional tandas from different eras to popular modern and easy to dance pieces from the Neotango-Community.
Every dancer of Queer Tango, Double Role or One Role is welcome.
A huge dance floor invites you to dance Tango as much and as long and as passionately as you want!

The registration fee for all three workshops include the One Day Queer Tango Marathon.

Participation Info

The participation fees are as following:
1 Workshop + One Day Tango Marathon: 48,- €
2 Workshops + One Day Tango Marathon 68,- €
3 Workshops + One Day Tango Marathon 80,- €
One Day Tango Marathon only: 18,- €

The Advanced and the Planeo Class is fully booked, so for these classes and the options  "2 Workshops + Marathon" and "3 Workshops + Marathon" there is a waiting list. If interested in these classes please let us know via the message field when registering. Your name will then be put on the waiting list and you will be notified in case there will be a free spot.

Mini Catering: Drinks, water, coffee, tea and little snacks are included.

Please bring comfortable shoes suitable for dancing.

All pictures: © Sabine Lakota
Saturday, March 16, 2024

Start: 11:00
Finish: 01:00 (Sunday)

Turn- und Versammlungshalle Botnang
Schumannstraße 8
70195 Stuttgart


Public Transport:
Lines U2 or U9 to station Millöckerstraße

There is limited free parking available nearby.

Contact info: Maria