Wild Wild South 2015

The Wild Wild South No. 14 ended up smaller than the previous one. Wrestling and Table Tennis could no longer be offered after the respective Abseitz sections were disbanded. Due to lack of registered teams the competitions in Football and women's volleyball were cancelled. Nonetheless, at more than 300 participants, competitions in six sports, and two workshops it had still a respectable size. Of course the guided city tour, accreditation and party in the Mash club and the brunch in the SI Centrum were not missing. Instead of workshops in Fitness and Yoga there was a introduction course in indoor climbing and ballroom dance classes.

After this tournament there was a review about the situation of LGBT tournaments in Europe and the organizational conditions of future Wild Wild South events. With the increase of tournaments and sport events both inside and outside of the LGBT community tournament organizers face big and new challenges. For the Wild Wild South 2017 we will try to find new ways to make it ready for a future in a more open society.

March 13-15 2015
Participants: 308
Sports: Badminton, Climbing, Dance, Shooting, Swimming, Squash, Tennis, Volleyball
Medals: 273