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Welcome to Stuttgart!

To make sure that you have a pleasant and stress free weekend we have collected some general info for you:

Public Transportation

Public transit in Stuttgart is run by the VVS association and offers integrated fares for the suburban railway system (S-Bahn), the light rail system (Stadtbahn) and the bus lines.

For one person there are single tickets, multiride tickets (Mehrfahrtenkarten) for four rides, and day tickets. For groups up to five people there is a group day-ticket. Fares depend on the number of the zones entered.

Tickets can be acquired via vending machines on rail stations or some bus stations or from the bus drivers. Machines usually accept cash, Maestro-Cards and Credit Cards, buses only cash.
Electronic tickets can be bought on the VVS-App for smartphones or their mobile website.
Only multiride tickets needs to be validated, all other tickets are valid from their purchase.

On Friday and Saturday nights, all S-Bahn lines are running the whole night at least once an hour. Stadtbahn lines and buses are running until appr. 01:00 am, after that there are several night bus lines that depart at the same time on the Schlossplatz.

Stuttgart by car

Stuttgart is in a low emission zone (Umweltzone) that can only be entered by vehicles with a special green sign on the windshield.
This applies to foreign cars, too.

In the inner city of Stuttgart there are parking zones, where parking is not free, both during day and night. Locations of Wild Wild South events in the inner city usually don't provide sufficient free parking. Public car parks are always nearby and cost € 2,50 - € 3 per hour. Hence we recommend to use the public transport system.

Public Transit in Stuttgart:
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Info for drivers:
Parking · Car Parks · Low Emission Zone
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