Workshop Skateboarding

Skateboarding looks so easy and is so much fun! But taking the first step onto the board takes some courage. This workshop is for anyone who wants to try out Skateboarding with a professional instructor. No worries: Safety will be the main focus from start to end.

This course is held by Robert Thiele, an absolute pro skateboarder and three times European Skateboard Slalom Champion. He has won competitions in Paris, Prague, Zürich or London. In 2021, he organized the Skateboard Slalom World Cup in Stuttgart. He has been skating without any major accident for 44 years.

In this class we will have a slow start - Safety First! The first step onto the board will be very careful, of course with professional assistance. After that we get things rolling, try different - slight - slopes, always with a helping hand by your side. For more advanced or more courageous participants, Robert has some exercises and tricks in stock. Step by step, the practice level will increase along the individual lines of everyone's bravery and self-assurance.

For practice, skateboards will be provided. If you have your own one, please feel free to bring it on.


Time: Appr. two hours
 Skatepark Pragfriedhof
Equipment: A helmet (e.g. an bike helmet) is absolutely obligatory, so please bring one! Apart from that: Gym gloves, knee and elbow pads, comfortable clothing, sneakers with a flat sole, something to drink

Participation Info

Participation is permitted to anyone who has been fully vaccinated against COVID19 (including a booster jab) or fully recovered from COVID19 no longer than six months before the start of WWS and can prove this via a valid written or electronic certificate if asked. Said certificate will at the latest be required to be shown by the accreditation on Friday.

The participation fee is 15,- €.

The number of participants is limited to 14.

Please note: The language of instruction will be German.

Saturday March 26, 2022

Workshop begins: 11:00 am
Finish: 13:00 pm

Parkallee Ostfildern
73760 Ostfildern


Public Transport: Lines U7 or U8 to station Zinsholz

Parking: There is free roadside parking available.

Contact info: Anna Lea