Fitness and Yoga for everyone!

You like doing fitness with others? Or you want to spend a day exercising extensively? Or you just want to know if one or the other sport is for you? And after training in fitness classes, you wanted to do something for body and soul? Then you are exactly right at the Abseitz to WildWildSouth 2019.

On the 23.03.2019 we start in the morning with Fitness@WildWildSouth. A total of five fitness courses are offered here. The afternoon will be followed by Yoga@WildWildSouth, a three-hour yoga workshop. Both offers can also be visited separately.






08:15 am

Opening Sports hall


08:50 am


09:00 am


Athletic, simple, exhausting, unique – it’s a workout made of five elements and a lot of energy. The rules of yin and yang are determining the exercises and unite the mental and physical contrasts to a functional training.


10:10 am

Step Aerobic

Fast music is about endurance and coordination. In blocks step sequences are worked out and then danced through. The whole thing happens at a step, whereby the training effect is increased even more.


11:20 am

Spinal Fitness

Enjoy targeted exercises around the spine: You achieve a good stabilization of the spine, your posture is improved and in the long term back pain is avoided. Various small devices are used, with which you can reactivate the low-lying muscles very effectively, but can also train very gently.


12:30 am


To improve cardiovascular activity and coordination, and to increase strength and endurance, varied full-body exercises and aerobic elements are used. There is an improvement in body shape and general well-being


01:40 pm


AROHA® is inspired by the haka of the New Zealand Maori. The two basic steps are simple and easy to understand. Soft movements follow powerful sequences in the ¾-stroke. Own energies are felt, stress is reduced. Attention! AROHA® is a lot of fun.




02:50 pm

Yoga with Doris and Helmut

Yoga can be anything from relaxing to sweaty. It promotes the positive development of the body, promotes its elasticity, fitness and balance. Body and soul are equally considered.

In the three-hour yoga workshop Helmut and Doris practice different yoga practices. About halfway there is a break.

Doris und Helmut

06:00 pm

End of Fitness und Yoga@WildWildSouth



Participation Info

General information:
The courses of Fitness@WildWildSouth go 60 minutes. In between you have ten minutes each break. If you want to take a longer breath, you can also skip one or the other course.
Yoga@WildWildSouth consists of two 90-minute yoga classes with a 10-minute break in between.
The courses are suitable for sportspeople of every level, both beginners and experienced come here at their expense. The coaches also keep an eye on the training level of the participants and adjust the level as needed.

Flatow-Sports hall
Gingener Straße 21
70327 Stuttgart (Wangen)

- Fitness@WildWildSouth and Yoga@WildWildSouth together: 40 €
- only Fitness@WildWildSouth: 30 €
- only Yoga@WildWildSouth: 20 €

Drinks (water, apple spritzer, coffee) as well as snacks in the form of fruit and fitness bars are provided.

Please bring:
In addition to indoor sports shoes you need enough sports clothes, also to change and warm clothes for the breaks or for relaxation.
A small sweat towel for the training and a big shower towel are not missing.
If possible, you would also need to bring an exercise mat for yoga@WildWildSouth. We have a few in stock.
Finally, you need of course your equipment to make you fit for the road again after the sport.

The contact person for the fitness day is Thomas. You can reach him via the mail address

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hall opens: 08:15 am
Start: 09:00 am
End: appr. 06:00 pm

Flatow-Sports hall
Gingener Straße 21
70327 Stuttgart (Wangen)


Public Transport:
Lines U9 and U13 to station Wangen Marktplatz

journey planner:

Parking: There is no free parking available on-site. We recommend to take the public transport.

Contact info: Thomas