Information COVID19

Organising an event like the Wild Wild South is only possible with strict conditions and clear rules. It is limited by the current laws and regulation of the Federal Republic of Germany, the COVID19 ordinance of the Land Baden-Württemberg and the rules and ordinances of the City of Stuttgart and any other city or county in which WWS events are being held.

These regulations can be reviewed here:

Laws, ordinances and regulations are perpetually being adapted to the current infection statistics, numbers of confirmed cases, hospitalisation rates and other factors such as possible virus mutations. Under these circumstances it is just not possible to plan and organise such an event in a binding and consistent manner.

For this reason the participation at the Wild Wild South is currently (January 2022) only permitted to persons who are fully vaccinated against COVID19 (including the booster vaccine) or fully recovered from COVID19. The last vaccine shot or the recovery must not have been longer than six months prior to the start of the WWS events. A written or electronic personal certificate has to be provided prior to the beginning of the WWS.

These regulations can be changed at any time. This may consist of the following measures:

  • Addition to obligatory daily testing for all participants ("2G Plus")
  • Extension of the participation eligibility to unvaccinated people with obligatory daily testing ("3G")
  • Limitation of participation numbers
  • Reduction of the tolerance period of the last vaccine shot or COVID19 recovery from six to e.g. three months
  • Cancellation of single events or the whole tournament for health or legal reasons

Events that are organized by external providers (Party, Brunch) or in commercial locations (squash) may have further regulations or requirements in place that need to be respected.

Any changes to these regulations and requirements will be communicated to all registered WWS participants by E-Mail as quick as possible.